The intelligent
tumor documentation system

Better use of tumor data.

onkys® structures all oncological data concerning the disease history of tumor patients, so that the data can be used more effectively and efficiently. The quick recording tool onkys® reduces the time spent on tumor documentation and reports to the clinical cancer registers according to ADT/GEKID to a minimum. At the same time, the internal processes are pushed on the next level, which allows for a more expeditious exchange with expert colleagues. Moreover, potential study participants and international studies as well as guidelines can be accessed at any time.  Standardized interfaces make it possible to intelligently and securely network all existing third party systems (e.g. chemotherapy planning) across multiple locations.

Safe diagnoses, better treatments, networked interaction – onkys® is the digital answer to the challenges of modern oncology.

FAQ onkys®

Is it possible to process patient data simultaneously at several EDP workstations?

Yes, it is possible for several users to work simultaneously in onkys®.

How will I receive my reporting fee?

Your reporting fee will be disbursed by the cancer register of your federal state. However, onkys® will enable you to quickly compare the reporting fees you have received with the reports you have actually submitted.

How much does onkys® cost?

The costs depend on the acquired modules and the number of workstations, on which  onkys® is supposed to be available. We encourage you to contact us so that we can compiled a non-binding customized quotation.

Can I use onkys® to compile chemotherapy plans?

No, onkys® is not a tool you can use for chemotherapy planning applications. To ensure that you can still compile therapy plans directly from onkys®, we are partnering with ChemoCompile®. As a result, effective immediately, a bundle consisting of the tumor documentation and treatment planning with the implemented chemotherapy regimes of the  "Blue Book" is now available.