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Our onkys® solutions in comparison:

  • Basic KR
  • Pro

The basic KR benefits at a glance:

  • Comprehensive tumor documentation
  • Automated cancer register reporting
  • Visualization of minimum data
  • Effective time management
  • Intuitive operation, quick orientation time
  • Control of remuneration

onkys® Basic KR is a program specifically tailored to cancer register reporting for all oncologists who want to considerably reduce the work they have to do on their computers. onkys® Basic KR makes intuitive tumor documentation with integrated cancer register reporting possible. The basic program can be expanded to the full version if necessary. It can be practically supplemented with our modules Analysis & Statistics, Task Management, Questionnaire and Tumor Board. To inquire about prices, please send us an email.

(Online training 1 hour)


All Basic KR services plus:

  • Daily list
  • Quick overview with therapy progression diagram and attached files
  • Writing a physician’s letter
  • Customizable graphic surface
  • Release of individual models

onkys® Pro is our full version, which does not only provide you with all of our onkys® features, but can also be expanded with different modules if necessary. onkys® Pro is the perfect choice for all facilities engaged in oncology that want to do more than submit reports to the cancer registers. To inquire about prices, please send us an email.

(On site or online training 2 hours)