Three creative professionals with backgrounds in the disciplines of medicine, business administration and information technology established the TEVARIS® GmbH in 2015. The objective was – and still is – to offer software solutions that create more flexibility and leeway for users by providing a transparent overview of necessary information and thus make their daily working lives easier.


Maximilian Reisch established an enterprise called nobocom in 1999 and developed it into a specialized company. Since 2005, nobocom has been focusing on the distribution and implementation of radiology-related IT solutions all over Germany. Clinics, radiology and nuclear medical facilities, as well as mammography screening units have been placing their trust into nobocom GmbH’s services for many years. The company also supports renowned regional companies with its services.

Among other things, Mr. Reisch is doing advocacy work in the Chamber of Commerce of the Middle Lower Rhine County as a member of the Mönchengladbach Board and the Action Team Health Region Middle Lower Rhine. He also contributes to events that promote entrepreneurship and youth advocacy. Along with the nobocom GmbH, he is a member of the zdi (Center Mönchengladbach).

For Maximilian Reisch, the development of his own products and the bundled establishment of the targeted solutions in the market in a single product family were logical and appropriate steps in the long term. As a result, he has been a founding member as well as a Managing Director of the TEVARIS® GmbH, which is headquartered in Mönchengladbach, since 2014.

An overview of Maximilian Reisch’s career milestones:

  • Studied Business Administration at the Lower Rhine University in Mönchengladbach  1997-2004, graduated with an Associate Degree in Business Administration (FH)
  • Founder of nobocom, a sole proprietorship, 1999
  • Founder and Managing Director of nobocom GmbH (an LLC), 2005
  • Today, nobocom GmbH has 13 employees and has established itself as a reliable and acclaimed partner for regional industry and business clientele, as well as radiology facilities and clinics all over Germany. The company is also a member of the zdi (Zukunft durch Innovation = Future through Innovation)
  • Founder and Managing Director of the TEVARIS® GmbH, 2014


Dr. Walser completed both of his specialization courses in nuclear medicine and diagnostic radiology at three university clinics and at two maximum services hospitals in record time.

Thanks to Dr. Walser’s entrepreneurial skills, a practice occupied by one public health insurance approved physician (diagnostic radiology) evolved into a doctors’ office that is comprise of five public health insurance approved physicians (4 specializing in diagnostic radiology, 1 in nuclear medicine). The original direct services rendered to a hospital boasting 320 beds could be extended to both hospitals located in Speyer, i.e. a total of 650 beds. The practice also provides tele-radiological MRT services to a hospital (reif & möller diagnostic-network).

Dr. Walser’s profound diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine knowledge paired with many years of business administrative management of a radiology practice, ensure that he has thorough insights into the business administrative special demands of radiology and nuclear medicine.

An overview of Dr. René H. Walser’s career milestones:

  • Physician specializing in nuclear medicine and diagnostic radiology
  • Founder and practicing physician specializing in nuclear medicine in Speyer, Germany at the Radiology Center, 5 practicing public health insurance approved physicians, provision of direct radiological and nuclear services to 2 hospitals totaling 630 beds, 50 employees
  • Physician in charge of the business administrative management of the Radiology Center  Speyer
  • Completed full advanced education to Doctor for Diagnostic Radiology, 2 years for Doctor for Nuclear Medicine,  full advanced education for medical expert and healthcare administrative director


Prof. Dr. Rieker began his studies of physical technology at the University of Heilbronn (FH) in 1992 and graduated successfully in 1996. Prof. Dr. Rieker already acquired experiences in the interdisciplinary alliance of research while completing his thesis. Rieker graduated in 2004 from the medical faculty of the University of Heidelberg and received the title of Dr. sc. hum (which is awarded to non-medical graduates). He also acquired competencies in the management of international development teams and outside staff members. A large number of successful research and development projects as well as an extensive list of publication document his many achievements. Besides his professional career, his honorary professorship appointment in 2009 also acknowledges the acclaimed and committed scientific career of Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker.

An overview of Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker’s career milestones:

  • Studied physical technology majoring on nuclear physics at the University of Heilbronn
  • Has been working for a corporation that does business around the world since 1998, where he is in charge of the international cooperation with universities and research institutions as well as the networking with university research projects
  • From 2001 to 2004 he obtained his doctorate at the Clinic for Neuroradiology at the University Clinic of the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg
  • Since 2009, he has been holding a Honorary Professorship for Information Analysis / Imaging Processes at the University for Technology and Business Dresden. He has developed multiple international cooperative agreements in the medical environment.
  • He is a member of the board of the ASAM e.V. (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems). This is an international alliance of more than 100 companies aiming to standardize software solutions in the technical development process.
  • Member of the ZAFT e.V. (Center for Applied Research and Technology)