Our distribution and system partners


In partnership with the University Clinic of Freiburg, the MPS – Medizinische Planungssysteme GmbH – is the developer of the software solution ChemoCompile® and our strong partner in the discipline of chemotherapy planning. As a customer, you will reap the benefits of our well-established combination of onkys® and ChemoCompile® through the automated data transfer between treatment planning and documentation.

nobocom GmbH

nobocom GmbH is a specialized IT system enterprise headquartered in Mönchengladbach, Germany and also our sister company. As partners, we have our business domicile at the same location. Here we plan and implement software and hardware solutions for customers, who beyond our econtys® and onkys® software portfolio are also interested in having their doctor’s offices, medical facilities or clinics equipped with new hardware.


TEVARIS® is a partner of the Oncology Data Network and enables its customers to become members of this network of European oncology centers.  

The completely automated exchange of unidentifiable treatment data makes the benchmarking between participants as well as the conducting of innovative studies possible. We can offer customers who also want to become participants of this oncology network,  onkys® at a significantly discounted price.