Key Features of onkys®:


onkys® makes it possible to directly connect and synchronize your existing PMS/CIS system. As a result, you do not have to enter any master and basic patient data again or twice. Moreover, it is also possible to add laboratory data and documents (letters from doctors, images, etc.). Thanks to the continuous exchange between onkys® and you data management system, you will always have the latest data.


We are in close contact with Germany’s cancer registers and always keep onkys® up to date as far as their requirements are concerned. Hence, you can rest assured that onkys® will at all times meet the specific requirements of your federal state and that the cancer register reports can be transferred and received according to ADT/GEKID. onkys® handles the cancer register reports almost completely automatically.


The exchange with colleagues working in different fields is an important component of your work. Every tumor conference also requires you to handle additional work. The cases have to be chosen ahead of time and you have to do preparatory and follow-up work. onkys® will support you with a convenient preparation and follow-up tool for tumor conferences and will reduce the amount of paper and time you use to a minimum.


onkys® assists you with tumor documentation and cancer register reports. onkys® is ideally complemented by a connected chemotherapy software used to plan and implement  chemotherapy processes. Reap the benefits of our partnership with ChemoCompile®, the official software affiliated with the “Blue Book.”

Of course you can also connect any other chemotherapy planner to onkys®. If you have questions, simply contact us at any time!


Does your facility have several locations or would you like to partner with your colleagues?  onkys® allows you to simply network several locations – regardless of whether they are clinics, practices or medical centers – and create an anonymized, oncological database.