econtys® most important features


econtys® helps you keep an overview of your measures. Every specialized physician’s practice performs special exams that have to be taken into account, which can be easily depicted thanks to the available modules for specialized doctors. This makes it possible to conduct specific and customized analyses and depictions. For instance, you can choose whether services should be divided into EBM or GOÄ billing statements and shown as such or whether you would rather receive an impression of the overall status.


Did you take all details into account when you compiled your billing statement? Did you perhaps also find out that the solution you used to date no longer included one or several different figures in the periodic billing process? econtys® helps you find out and monitors your billing statements: Hence you can compile completely customized chains of figures or combinations to optimally control your billing processes!


Every company faces risks – and so does your specialized physician’s practice. For instance, you might experience a decline in referred patients from a certain physician. However, what is important is how you handle such situations. econtys® helps you identify trends and to actively manage the developments at your practice. Hence, you can respond quickly and take preventative action before a problem becomes unmanageable and affects your success. Moreover, this will make it easier to determine the reasons and to eliminate them.


Different locations frequently do not work the same. Different factors, such as proximity to the residence, density of the population, demographic facts, size of the practice, and many others have an impact on the success of a practice location. With econtys® you can view your locations overall and separately and thus gain individual insights.


Regardless of whether your practice has been operational for several years or whether you have just assumed possession of it and are familiar with your predecessor’s figures – with econtys® you will be able to keep an eye on the developments at your practice over time and from any perspective. Both, the financial as well as the purely practice-relevant indices are clearly, customized and manageably depicted with econtys®, so that you can work with the results right away.


Who is sending you consistent referrals? Who has referred a significantly reduced number of patients to you last quarter? Which practice or doctor would you like to intensity your cooperation with? Keep an eye on your referrers with econtys®! The referral tool answers these and many other questions  – and the relevant indices will help develop groundbreaking strategies.


econtys® easily connects all relevant information from your existing practice management system, filters out useful and interesting information and simply processes them into a manageable overview of indices. The most remarkable innovation in econtys® is the integration of business administrative data, which is realized through a screen you define and thus also added to your practice indices. Practice-relevant aspects in combination with business administrative controlling – this is what it takes to keep your practice on the road to success!