Business intelligence platform for specialized physicians’ practices

Safeguarding financial success.

econtys® helps you view your practice from the financial perspective: Thanks to the structured and transparent depiction of the daily and relevant indices, you keep an eye on your financial situation – and your business success. You decide, which KPIs are relevant for you and how they are depicted. This makes it easier for you to interpret the key indicators. econtys® also supports you with a variety of modules for specialized physicians: They take into account in particular the EBM points catalog of your specific discipline so that you can view and safeguard your business success tailored to your concise needs.

FAQ econtys®

How much does econtys® cost?

This depends on the acquired modules, the number of locations, clients and workstations on which you want to make econtys® available.

Is the billing control contingent upon the federal state or specialized physician?

No, econtys® can be used in any federal state and by any doctor specializing in any field.

Can the billing to the public health insurance plan also be processed via econtys®?

No, the billing with public health insurance plans will continue using the existing process you are already familiar with. However, econtys® can, taking into account all relevant sources, analyze and show you the financial success of your practice and help you identify risks and opportunities.

How will the BWA be integrated into the data?

Most BI tools only take statistical data from the practice management systems into account (patient appointment frequency, EBM points, etc.). econtys® also allows you to upload the BWA and, as a result, is able to connect the latest financial information with statistical figures, which provides you with a perfect overview.